YOUR CHECKLIST after your offer is accepted:

Contact your mortgage person to begin the financial process and order an appraisal for your new home.

Order your home inspection. A home inspection is not required, but highly recommended. This will no doubt be the largest purchase you make. Spending $300 - $500 to have a qualified person thoroughly inspect your future home may prevent thousands of dollars of unexpected repairs later on. Contact a licensed home Inspector of your choice.

Arrange for a final walk through of your new home. I will arrange a final inspection of the home you are about to purchase. Most likely everything will be fine, but check to make sure everything is in the same condition as when you first put your offer in.

Contact your mortgage lender for the final amount you need to bring to the closing. Your mortgage person should have given you a good faith estimate of the amount to wire to closing attorney.



Download a pdf version of THE CHECKLIST.